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Fuente: Buenos Aires Delivery
Natural Deli: Argentina’s Whole Foods.

The other day, my friends and I were discussing the fact that Argentina loves it’s fried, greasy, cheesy, sugary, salty, sweet and absolutely delicious food. However, we were also talking about how this is reeking havoc with our health and leaving us with very strong cravings.

Personally, I was talking about how much I missed smoothies. One friend mentioned that she really missed salads full of nutritious vegetables and my other friend said she missed hearty, whole-grain breads with her sandwiches. Since all of us are from the States, we talked about how nice it would be to find a place similar to Whole Foods where we could order delicious, organic ready-to-eat meals or even pick up some great groceries! It took me about five minutes to realize “silly me, why don’t I check our the Buenos Aires Delivery website for some options!”

I found many options on the site, but one that looked especially appealing was Natural Deli. This place has everything my friends and I could want! They have fresh fruit smoothies that are just as delicious (but 100 times more healthy) as any alfajor, whole grain breads galore and tasty salads. They even have wraps, one of which is filled with roasted pumpkin and goat cheese…a sweet and salty combo that sounds absolutely delicious! The menu doesn’t stop there though, Natural Deli also serves a wide assortment of muffins. I recommend trying a berry or apple muffin – these things are to die for! They have a sweet, crusty exterior complemented by a moist interior with chunks of fresh, whole fruit and are a meal all in themselves. A hearty, organic meal nonetheless! Finally, I have found myself a notable equivalent to my beloved Whole Foods.


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